Scholarship Funds

Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck awards over $80,000 this past year to approximately 57 high school seniors in Teaneck. The range of individual scholarships is between $1000 and $2500.

97% of donations go directly to Scholarships.


Scholarships are based on students’ financial needs, academic achievements, application information, interviews, participation in Student Fund Drive. Often sponsors will be looking for a particular personal quality, interest or career goal in selecting an applicant.


Money for scholarships is obtained by an annual fund drive to past donors, civic, religious and business groups, and by the general public.  Students who apply for scholarships conduct their own fund drive in the spring at weekend canister collection spots in and around Teaneck. Candidates are interviewed by Board members. Sponsors or creators of memorial funds or awards are welcome to interview students and select the best applicant for the named scholarships. 

Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck is a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Our Federal tax exempt number is: 22-6032938.

Donations of any amount may be given to honor another person or as a memorial for deceased persons. These donations will be acknowledged to that person or their family members. Donations of $100 or more can become named scholarships.


Scholarship money awarded is sent by Community Scholarship Fund directly to the colleges the students are attending in two payments – July and December of their freshman year.