Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck raises funds to provide financial aid to Teaneck residents who are graduating from an accredited high school and who are desirous of obtaining further education, and do not have the financial means to do so.  This scholarship aid is given for the first year of study following high school graduation.


In 1957, a small group of Teaneck citizens decided to begin the effort to raise money to help several high school seniors with their college expenses.  That first year, two college-bound graduating students from Teaneck High received a total of $500 in scholarship aid.

Over the years, the dedication of a large number of Teaneck volunteers has continued the tradition of raising funds through donations from local businesses, corporations, houses of worship, sports and civic organization, and may individual contributions to help the ever-growing number of students applying for financial help so they can fulfill their dreams of going to college.

From 1957 to the present more than 2500 Teaneck high school senior from private and public schools have received scholarship grants.  The awards have ranged from $250 to as much as $2000, depending on need as determined by independent college financial advisors and the students’ high school activities and community service.


President                   Zohra Jamal

Vice President           Kara Gagliano 

Vice President           Keenon Perry

Treasurer                    Marie Warnke

Secretary                    Linda Gerdes

Board Members         Robin Bado

       Anne Cassidy

       Theresa Delaney       

       Cassandra McCloud

        Barbara Ostroth

        Ramona & Roosevelt Stills

        Addie Wijnen

        Reba Willis